Business Intelligence for Salesforce

Explore, report, and share your sales data with SAP® BusinessObjects™ BI OnDemand. It provides complete, integrated business intelligence that extends your reporting and analysis of data in the Salesforce CRM application.

Advanced Reporting and Analysis for Salesforce CRM

Leverage your data in Salesforce for faster, more robust sales reporting - transforming customer relationship management (CRM) data into a strategic asset. This self-service solution empowers sales professionals to explore, report, and share data in the cloud anytime, without a long, complex technology project. Users can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Gain Greater Business Insight - Quickly

As more data is added to Salesforce CRM, it may become difficult to obtain actionable data quickly. SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand, an AppExchange-certified solution, embeds directly into Salesforce CRM to provide the right information instantly while maximizing your ROI. The intuitive interface supports a streamlined process to upload spreadsheets, bring in data from multiple sources, and explore data using search and browse functionality. You can create accurate, timely dashboards and reports. No more pulling together sales reports from multiple data sources. No more manually creating pivot tables, charts, and graphs. No more sharing spreadsheets and reports via e-mail or paper. Now you can quickly share information online.

With SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand, you can obtain historical data, track trends, and find answers to urgent questions. You can improve sales forecasting with what-if analysis and combine Salesforce CRM data with other data sources for a complete view of the sales pipeline.

For companies concerned about the speed of reporting or size of Saleforce CRM data sets, SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand provides a pre-configured data warehouse that can be implemented in as little as a day. The data warehouse provides a duplicate set of data that can dramatically improve reporting time and speed information delivery.

Business Challenges Addressed

  • Slow or hard-to-access Salesforce CRM reporting
  • Need to access data from multiple sources for a full view of sales performance
  • Inability to see historical data or trends
  • Manual, time-intensive effort to visualize data via charts and graphs
  • Limited IT budgets and resources

Business Benefits

  • Informed, confident decision-making with easier exploration, reporting, and sharing of Salesforce CRM data
  • Improved ROI on Salesforce CRM with flexible, robust reporting to provide complete insight
  • Affordable and quick time to value with an SaaS, subscription-based solution that you can try for free
  • Short ramp up through an intuitive interface to help users learn and leverage the solution
  • Complete view of the business through the integration of information from multiple sources
  • Time savings with self-service BI and streamlined exploring, reporting, and sharing

Key Features

  • Complete solution: Explore, report, and share all sales data in a single, integrated solution
  • Fast reporting for Salesforce CRM: Gain flexible and robust business intelligence (BI)
  • Powerful search and browse functionality: Supercharge searching and browsing to find the information you need
  • Combined data: Bring together multiple spreadsheets or data from several sources, including Salesforce CRM, to create a single report for a complete view
  • Historical data and trend insight: Leverage a 360 degree view to get clear answers
  • Pre-configured, customizable templates: Create interactive visualizations, data sets, charts, and graphs
  • Ad-hoc reporting: Perform what-if analysis
  • On-time reporting: Schedule and share data, reports, or dashboards online securely, inside or outside the organization
  • Intuitive interface: Accelerate learning and ramp up quickly
  • Folder-level security: Keep key company data safe and available only to approved users
  • SaaS model: Be up and running in minutes without installing any software or hardware
  • Support for large Salesforce CRM data sets: Obtain a pre-configured data warehouse that can be implemented in as little as a day